Engage Backend Integration

After Engage is activated two new dictionaries called cardDetails and shopperDetails will be available as part of the Transaction Object:

  "identifier": "34097c88f80511e5a733f568b996ac17",
  "amount": 10,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "created": "2016-04-01 12:28:13",
  "status": "APPROVED",
  "subject": "",
  "type": "CHARGE",
  "cardDetails": {
    "fingerprint": "a5e2188a-f676-11e5-b944-593944fafab9",
    "scheme": "MASTERCARD",
    "maskedCardNumber": "541333******0086",
    "expiryMonth": 2,
    "expiryYear": 2017,
    "cardholderName": null
  "shopperDetails": {
    "identifier": "c3d185cc-4c49-43d9-80f4-16a49a8660ec",
    "email": null

In the cardDetails dictionary, the fingerprint attribute is the unique card identifier that lets you track a shopper's payment card across all purchases. The fingerprint will be available regardless of whether the transaction was approved or declined.

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