Grow Shopper Relationships with Engage

Engage allows you to identify shoppers based on their payment card.

With Engage, the magic happens behind the scenes and outside of PCI DSS Scope: All you need to know is that each shopper's payment card is assigned a unique fingerprint once a transaction is made.

This gives you the key building block to grow your POS Product with:

  • Loyalty Programs and Campaign Tools
  • Customer Management and Analytics
  • Automated Receipts and Cross Selling
  • ... and Much More

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A Note on Privacy

We take privacy and data protection very seriously and we strongly advise you to do the same:
It’s your duty to ensure that the shoppers’ data and privacy are fully protected!

Since there many different features that can be built on top of Engage and privacy laws differ from country to country, we can not give you binding advice on how to comply with those laws. We strongly recommend to have a lawyer review the feature you plan to build with respect to the privacy aspects. Here are some general (non-legally binding) insights that should give you an idea of some of the privacy topics you need to tackle:

  • You can use the card fingerprint for fraud prevention purposes without additional shopper consent because this is already included in the card usage terms and conditions;
  • For loyalty solutions, the shopper must give their explicit consent, and must know exactly for what purpose their data will be used;
  • For analytics, the fingerprint should be anonymised.

Building Solutions with Engage

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some features that others are already building on top of Engage:

Loyalty Programs and Campaign Tools

You can build or attach existing loyalty programs directly to the shopper’s card. This allows you to identify returning customers and reward their loyalty on the spot.

For example, each time a shopper pays, you can detect whether this is a first time customer or a recurring customer. Your POS can then offer the merchant to incentivize the shopper with a freebie or a voucher.

Combined with a pre-authorize and capture payment workflow (coming soon) you are also able to immediately offer discounts based on the shopper identified.

The workflow to achieve this is easy:

  1. When it’s time for the shopper to pay, he or she presents the card.
  2. Your POS pre-authorizes the full checkout amount.
  3. After this transaction, your POS can identify the shopper and decide whether they qualify for a discount or not.
  4. If the shopper qualifies for discount, your POS only captures part of the initial checkout amount. If not, your POS captures the full checkout amount.

For those wondering if it's possible to identify the shopper by his payment card without performing an actual payment: We do believe that this will be confusing to shoppers and that payment cards should not be used for non-payment things.

Customer Management & Analytics

You can build or augment existing customer management systems using Engage. Just see how powerful customer management systems are in eCommerce. Why not have the same control and insights in the offline world? Or why not unify the two systems?

Furthermore, analytics can offer you huge insights into how you marketing campaigns work and into general customer behavior. Nevertheless, we do not advise you to dive into this rabbit hole without first learning what the legal constraints regarding important things like privacy and data processing are. Based on the constraints specific to your situation, you can build up a full fledged analytics system or augment the one you have.

Automated Receipts and Cross Selling

Send the shopper email receipts or invoices with every purchase. When paying at the POS for the first time, the shopper provides his email address to the merchant. For all subsequent payments, the shopper automatically receives a detailed electronic receipt and gets information on matching products.

... and Much More

These are just a few examples of ways in which Engage enables you to convert a simple payment into a tool to enhance the shopper/merchant relationship and gain unprecedented insights into shopper behavior.

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